Butterfly Gardens of Saugeen Shores

Kerry is a founding member of Butterfly Gardens of Saugeen Shores. This community group has planted over 3,000 native plants and shrubs with the hopes of bringing attention to the plight of the Monarch butterflies, pollinators and to the importance of native plants. This video captures the essence of one of their community events: Monarch Tagging. 




This short video provides an overview of the diversity of images that Kerry Jarvis is known for. From; people to landscapes to travel to sports to nature to concerts to events to architecture. Enjoy.

Michele Gazich

Photography is a wonderful way to meet people. While photographing at the the Mariposa Folk Festival Kerry met Michele Gazich. A year later he visited him in Italy prior to his CD launch tour. 

The Cecropia Moth:

The amazing Cecropia Moth is perhaps one of the most beautiful moths. It is the largest moth in North America, with a wing span of 6 inches. Both the moth and caterpillar are unique and stunning to see. Yet, many people have never seen a Ceropia Moth. Kerry Jarvis, the Nature Guy, has captured the life stages of the Cecropia through videography and photography in this movie clip. All images were shot in Southern Ontario at various locations.